Reptiles and Kids

A Motivational Rewards Program

For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals.  As soon as I could I began to read every animal book and encyclopedia I could get my hands on.  My parents on the other hand weren't, and still aren't, really animal people.  I'm guessing I was around 9 or 10 when my I really became determined to have a pet, and I set my sights on a rat.  My mother wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea,  but came up with the idea to allow me to earn it.  We set goals around school work and my behavior, due to the fact that I had trouble focusing at school and constantly fought with my brother.  It took me several months, but I did earn my rats.  Around 9 or 10, I became interested in snakes, and my mother was even more opposed to that than the rats.  We compromised a little, a reptile keeping friend of my mom's recommended leopard geckos.  We used a similar rewards program, and of coarse I earned the geckos too.  The next goal my mother set for me was to breed the leopard geckos, this time I'd earn the snake.  

If you ask my mom, she never really thought I'd earn the rats.  The point is that she didn't want anything to do with these animals, but she allowed me to earn them knowing that my passion for them would drive me to succeed in other areas.  I was reminded of this when I saw a similar idea at  I think his idea over there is a great way to not only promote the hobby to a new generation, but possibly help parents keep their kids motivated.

If you have a child with an interest in reptiles, and you're looking for a way to get he or she motivated, please feel free to reach out to me.  We can come up with a goal, and a time frame they have to complete it.  At the end, I'll reward them with a new pet!  Please keep in mind, I'm not looking to just hand out free geckos here, I'm going to need evidence of your child reaching the goals.  I think this could be a great adventure as long as no one tries to abuse the program!